Your Dream Job Is Not Miles Away!

Choose an after graduation IT course. Make yourself a perfect-fit for your dream company; we mould the career of IT Graduates with the placement –oriented graduate programs. A mere graduate degree is just a gateway of job opportunities. A career with sustainable growth is possible with our three month placement backed IT course which turns you highly employable.


Course curriculum

  • Everyone has to spend 3 months for these courses as it is the best choice for hunting your dream job.
  • We provide one month class room training +2 months job training
  • More practical sessions are handled by exalted professionals with high IT expertise
  • Our course contents are designed in a specialized way through which the student gains adequate technical knowledge
  • He will be aware of the tricking problems and their solutions which he faces while working with the tool in real time.
  • Students are aided with placement in reputed concerns after the course completion


Courses Offered

List of courses

Course Outcome

Certificate program in .Net and RD¬BMS using SQL

Can understand the implementation of web servers, web-based data storage, The basics of Creating and Consuming web services, Mastering windows forms & controls, Handling Relational Databases ,Storage and retrieval of data from tables using SQL and recent database trends

Certificate Program in JAVA and Mobile App development using Android Technology

Can Master Syntax and semantics of java ,development of applets, More training for Proficient programming and debugging techniques, Java techniques flexible for Mobile App development, Intro to Mobile Application frameworks, Managing and Integrating data, Testing Methodologies, Publishing and deployment in Android phones

Supporting Courses for College Students

Anandh Info solutions offers courses for students!!

  • Students who are doing their school and college educations are also imparted excellent Curriculum supporting courses that quenches their technical thirst.
  • They are given enough practice session accordingly they can enhance their knowledge of upcoming trends in Information technology.
  • Enough care is taken to improve their skill set and make them realize the underlying structures of computer operations
  • Assignments are given which are very much beneficial for recalling the concepts that are discussed in theoretical sessions
  • This training and certification programs serves as a supporting hand to face the campus placement and makes them talented debut as per the industry needs


Course Offering

Course Outcome

MS Office

Gives students the basic features of MS office, Can familiarize with Word, Excel, Access , PowerPoint, email and Internet and www basics, Usage of MS office to create business documents and presentations

Tally ERP 9

Understand basic rules of accounting ,Creation and setting up of company in Tally.ERP 9,Making Inventory and voucher entries, Basics of CST,VAT, Service Tax, Export-Import of Tally-Excel


Understand the syntactical structures of C, Problem solving approaches, Basic I/O operations, Control structures, Functions, Arrays and strings ,Read and write programs using pointers, structures files


Intro to OO programming ,Objects and Classes, Constructors, Operator overloading, Function overloading, Inheritance, Virtual functions, Streams and files


Write, compile and execute java programs, basic data types and control flow structures, OO structures ,inheritance, test classes, exception handling, event-driven approaches, applets for enterprise level applications, secure communication


Learn about .Net framework,C#.Net, ADO .Net and SQL server, Develop and implement windows and web services and security , develop assemblies and deployment in .Net


Introduction to RDBMS and ORDBMS, Basic PL/ SQL programming , Control structures, Procedures and functions, Cursors and Triggers , Exception handling and DBMS operations

Mobile App Development using Android Technology

Mobile App development, Intro to Mobile App frameworks, Managing and Integrating data, Testing Methods, Publishing and deployment in Android phones