Search Engine Optimization Training

Search engine optimization is the method of promoting the quality of visits to a website in search engine.This SEO technique will increase both your website’s position and site visitors through the organic or natural search results which can be learned through our advanced SEO training.


About Our SEO Course

Our SEO Training Institute in Chennai covers the full techniques of SEO with practical guidance. You will learn all the techniques such as Keywords Research, competitor analysis, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, website analytics, etc.

  • In-depth of SEO training course, we cover about how the search engines work.
  • Basic HTML tags which needed in on page and off page technique.
  • Local search engine optimization tactics.
  • Basic SEO tools
  • Advanced Google tools such as Analytics, Adwords and Webmaster, Social Media Optimization (SMO) and latest Google updates.


Why SEO Training courses are so Popular?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has got more attention in today’s competitive world. It is the latest technique to reach the website in top rank in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. So that, the site will be visible to the targeted customer. This kind of online marketing will increase the business’s revenue by generating leads.


Who should attend this SEO Training Course?

Students: If you are the student looking for a chance in a highly booming field or planning to set up business, the SEO training that we provide the key to your successful career.

Entrepreneurs/Business Owners: If you are a business owner trying to get more sales or want to market your business online, but tired of paying for ads, you can learn SEO techniques and market your business without even spending single Rupee.

Web Designers/Developers: If you are a Web Designer, you should implement the various SEO techniques on the website. If your customers come to know that their sites don’t rank well in search engines, they will get dissatisfied. Without proper SEO will not get the results to your client website. Learning SEO for any Web Designer would be a great benefit.

Freelancers/Part-Time: If you are a part-time job seeker and want to get a real income from home, SEO is the best way to make money. We will train you to do Freelancing job and earn anywhere from Rs. 25,000 and above.


Job opportunities in SEO

If you want to get a great career in a short duration, surely SEO will be the best. Every business in this world uses SEO for website promotion. You can get 100% placement support for SEO training by Zuan Education.

A Millions of people use search engines to find online products or services, and most of them do not see for a particular brand they prefer the search engine results recommended brands. About 95% of the users click the first page suggested service or product in the search results. Every month nearly 15 billion online searches have an unlimited opening in the field of SEO. If you are the expert in SEO, you can demand anywhere from 40K to 50K for SEO services.


Business Path for SEO

If you want to start own company, our teaching method of SEO training will provide you the tools, and tips on how to implement Search Engine Optimization techniques for your business to acquire new clients. You may reach out to local, national and international customers with your SEO strategies and goals to boost their business ROI.


What we do?

Our best SEO Courses will be suitable for all the people who need to learn and grow in this field. The most important thing that you will learn all these techniques through practical SEO training classes and we will make you work on live projects from the first day onward.

SEO Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Understanding SERPs

Module 3: Search Engine Crawlers

Module 4: Search Engine Optimization

Module 5: Links Building Method


SEO Certification

SEO course completion certificate indicates you have enough knowledge and skills to achieve the search engine results. Also, potential clients will feel safe knowing that you approve from recognized industry organization.